Once upon a time there was this guy that went from the hectic corporate life to a life of leisure. His initial goal in retirement was to reacquaint himself with the natural world around him (i.e. to stop and smell the flowers) and to spend some fun times with his best buddy (and wife) Susie. Together they decided to wander this great world and visit places that they had only dreamed of. To enhance their journey they each acquired their first digital camera in order to capture images of the unending beauty and wonderful creatures they encountered. Along the way there was an excitement and need to share their photos with others, and they decided to enter some of the internet photo contests. After winning over 1000 Photo-Of The Day honors and many photo contest prizes, they have now decided that it is time to share these same images as well as new ones in printable form. With the latest state-of-the-art cameras in hand and professional printing capabilities this new adventure begins ... ” – Charlie Brown  
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