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Hyatt Lake - A very early website designed to show our little piece of the world and to share with our neighbors.
Valley of Fire – A wonderful Nevada State Park approximately 60 miles from Las Vegas. We try to get there at least once a year … a photographers paradise!
Footnote: Over the years there has been quite a few of my photos shared by others on their websites, but without my permission. I would appreciate if everyone would respect my copyrights. Thank you.
Important links that has aided me with my photography and presentation.
Artisan Editions
Lea Williams
Master at giclee art print editions and any archival digital-printing and graphic services.
The Amigos
A fine internet photo-contest site

Great site to experiment, learn and grow your photographic skills in a highly competitive, but fun, environment.

Excellent resource site for all of the latest digital photography and imaging news, equipment reviews and great forums.

L & L Optics
Tim Havens
Excellent professional ink-jet and giclee printing. Tim is a professional photographer as well as master printer.

Reed Photo-Imaging
Bob Reed, John Harris
Superb archival light-jet printing. Also has an exclusive downtown-Denver art gallery which includes several well-known photographers.
Timberline Gallery
David Smith, Michele Bolyard, Ken Juliano
Great gallery for art nature photography from Colorado and the West. Also known for their expert framing of art photography.
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