Wandering is really what Susie and I have been doing the past several years. In our travels we’ve learned to truly “see” our world as well as capture the beauty with our cameras … to observe lighting, colors, textures and composition. We’ve spent many days with cameras in hand just looking for that special moment when all the right elements come together … and when it does its magic!

The “Charlie Brown Photos” site was created* to share with you those special moments. While we want you to visually enjoy the images in our on-line galleries and exhibits, we also want to give you the opportunity to purchase signed prints of any of the images. Because of our immediate focus on providing large framed pieces for the art galleries and up-coming shows, it will be some time before we have a formal pricing and ordering process incorporated into our site. For now though, if you would simply email us at sales@charliebrownphotos.com we can give you a quote for a particular item.

As you peruse the site you’ll observe that one of our main focuses has been to capture large encompassing panoramas. We use multiple, overlapping photos with the most sophisticated digital “stitching” software to make our seamless images. There are very few professional photographers that have mastered this technique and can offer the beauty of complete panoramas, many in excess of the standard 3:1 – length to height ratio.

If you’re ready, please click on one of the two image areas below and view the world through our eyes as we wander.

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